Our School Values

Our School Values

At Nine acres, we want every member of the school community to feel valued and respected every day and our aim is to make sure everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. We are a caring community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. At Nine Acres, we want an environment where everyone feels safe and secure where all of our learners show, through their actions, how to be positive, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

Our School values support our whole school ethos of helping children develop important life skills and are embedded throughout our school and our curriculum.

Our School values are:

Team Work










The children have values cards, where they can collect stamps and/or signatures from adults around the school when they are seen carrying out tasks which display these values/behaviour traits. Once they have demonstrated that they can show a certain value twenty times, they will then receive a badge that they can wear in recognition of this on their personal lanyards.

Children are also presented with a certificate that they can take home when they are awarded with their value badge.