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Our School Values

At Nine Acres Primary School, our vision is to empower every member of our community to make a positive impact on the world by embodying qualities of articulateness, passion, and persuasiveness. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere where every pupil and staff member feels valued, respected, and treated fairly, promoting a caring community founded on trust and mutual respect.
Our emphasis is on developing crucial life skills, and at Nine Acres, we strive for an environment that ensures the safety of everyone, encouraging learners to demonstrate positivity, responsibility, and increasing independence within the school community.
Our values, rather than being a mere reward system, are integrated into every aspect of our daily activities. We aspire for all children to exhibit their passion for learning, articulate their thoughts effectively, employ persuasive skills for meaningful conversations, and positively influence their own lives through responsible decision-making.
To celebrate these values, they are prominently displayed in every classroom and around the school, serving as constant reminders for both staff and children. Each week, outstanding individuals from each class receive values certificates, recognizing their embodiment of our school values, and these instances are shared with the entire school community to inspire and learn from one another. Additionally, every half term, a pupil from each class is awarded a 'Values Badge,' proudly displayed on their school lanyards a testament to their commitment to our shared values. 
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