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Why Attendance Matters?

Why attendance and punctuality is so important.                      Image result for 97% clipart
Every minute counts!
Mrs Broome (our Deputy Head Teacher), Mrs Hussey (our family and child worker) and our Pupil Leadership Team are the lead people when it comes to attendance and punctuality at Nine Acres Primary School.
We all work closely with the Education Inclusion Team from the local authority to monitor attendance and punctuality across school and we look for things we can put into place to improve attendance and lateness and support families who need help with getting children into school on time every day.
Every day our attendance and punctuality is monitored and recorded on our school system.
We celebrate when children have attendance that is equal to or above 97% as this means they are making sure they are accessing learning everyday. Each week the class with the highest attendance is awarded the attendance award and get to keep the attendance trophy for the week.  This is awarded every Friday during our celebration assembly. This class will also achieve an additional sport or computer session on Friday afternoon alongside their award! 
We understand that sometimes children do get poorly and that they are too unwell to be in school. If your child is genuinely ill with things like D & V, then of course they need to be at home and rest. Also, if they have infectious illnesses such as chicken pox, please take advice from your doctor or pharmacist. You will need to make sure you keep in contact with the school on a daily basis to inform us of progress to your child's illness and when they return to school, you will need to follow this up with a written note. This will make sure that the illness is recorded as an authorised absence.
Here is a link to the NHS website for some information around what to do if your child is ill:
For more information about attendance and punctuality at Nine Acres, please come in and chat to Mrs Broome or Mrs Hussey.