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Art at Nine Acres Primary School
Art is a powerful and very individual communication tool for our pupils. Art combines the development of ideas and concepts, through to exploration and education of feeling, thus helping to educate the ‘whole’ child. 
Our Intent:

Articulate - Children explore and can  refer to the elements of art:  texture, tone, pattern, line, colour, shape and form across each practice which helps them to embed key concepts as they progress through the school.  Underpinning our curriculum are the skills of drawing and painting, which children practice each half term within the context of the other areas of art practice; sculpture, textiles, printmaking, collage and digital art.

Passionate - Our children are passionate artists and are encouraged to express their own ideas and demonstrate their thinking as well as the development of skills, reflection of their ideas and thinking processes.

Pupils have the opportunity to explore a range of artists and designers from a variety of cultures, times and places.  We use the context of our home, the Isle of Wight, to explore wider themes and make links to a diverse range of artists both contemporary and historical. We aim to make links with our local artists and artistic communities to ensure children have aspirational ideas and believe that ‘art belongs to me’. It is crucial that children see themselves as part of a global network of artists and leave Nine Acres Primary with a sense of their own value as an artist and creator.

Persuasive - Our children can evaluate, discuss, reason, debate and persuade within the context of Art and Design. Children can express and explore their ideas, pushing others to questions and explore their own thinking.

Positively influence the world around us: Our art curriculum aims to engage, inspire and encourage children to experiment and respond to the world around them. Children will explore and create artwork inspired by a wide range of artists, crafters and designers, both on a local and global platform. Our curriculum engages with our local area, making a positive response to, and impact on, the world around us.