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History at Nine Acres Primary School

At the heart of our History curriculum lies a deep routed understanding of how the past has impacted our present and how it will continue to affect our futures. We have a strong link to finance and economy and how this has changed over time. There is also a strong thread through each year group to the Isle of Wight, linking significant people and their connection to our Island and how it has been a significant place in time across civilizations and empires. 

Our History sequence in KS1 builds upon the children's knowledge of new and old from EYFS. We build the historical knowledge up in KS1 by first starting it as local history of place and local significant people, so that children can then relate to the changes within their community. As children move into Year 2, they study internationally significant people; this is placed alongside Geography knowledge of other countries, so children are able to further understand how important people made a difference to another country. Children's understanding of monarchy and castles is also placed in Year 2 so that the geographical content of the UK helps them to put into context where Kings and Queens made a difference to in the UK.

As children move into KS2, the History curriculum is structured so that they study times and civilizations in chronological order. By doing this it allows the children to build a better understanding of how civilisations how risen and fallen and what has led to present day. They can put technological, social, political and environmental factors into context and understand how the civilisations which they have previously studied impact upon what they are currently studying.