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PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

Our PSHE Vision at Nine Acres


We want our children to grow up and build safe, healthy relationships and be able to articulate their own opinions through thoughtful debates while showing respect and tolerance. At Nine Acres, they will build the skills to look after their physical and mental self in order to positively influence the world around them.


 Striving for Excellence Everyday!


There's a proven link between pupils' health and wellbeing, and their academic progress. Crucial skills and positive attitudes developed through comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) are critical to ensuring children are effective learners. Teachers at Nine Acres recognise how important these skills and attitudes are in unlocking pupils' potential, helping to raise achievement and closing the gap in educational attainment.


At Nine Acres, we use the SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resiliance and Friendship) resources to structure our weekly PSHE lessons across the school. SCARF provides a whole-school approach to building essential foundations – crucial for children to achieve their best, academically and socially.


At Nine Acres, children are taught about the importance of mental and physical health, including self-esteem and body image. We also teach the required elements of Sex and Relationship Education. We believe it is crucial to build effective citizens through teaching about positive relationships, keeping safe, behavioural norms and setting aspirational goals. We believe giving children these learning opportunities sets them up for further learning in the future
We are also passionate for our children to learn real life skills around finance and economy. Living on a small island, we want our children to explore the wider world and what it can offer in terms of job satisfaction, training and being an active citizen that upholds the law and British Values. 
All pupils have the opportunity through their PSHE lessons to ask questions about all of these elements and find out what the world has to offer them and their future. 
We have also embedded British Values into our PSHE lessons, where we ask children to relfect on which Brtish Value they think links to the learning from each lesson and why. We feel this is an important part of being a Brtish Citizen and an important life skill to recognise these Five elements in themselves and others!