Why Attendance Matters?

Mrs Broome (our Deputy Head Teacher), Mrs Hussey (our family and child worker),our Pupil Leadership Team are the lead people when it comes to attendance and punctuality at Nine Acres Primary School.
We all work closely with our education welfare officer to monitor attendance and punctuality across school and we look for ways we can put into place strategies to improve attendance and lateness and support families who need help with getting children into school on time every day.
Every day our attendance and punctuality is monitored and recorded on our school system.
Each week the class with the highest attendance is awarded the attendance award and get to keep the attendance trophy for the week.  This is awarded every Friday during our celebration assembly. This class will also achieve an additional sport or computer session on Friday afternoon alongside their award! 
Each class has their weekly attendance displayed on their classroom door to enable pupils to compare their attendance with the other classes.
We have a termly attendance newsletter which is sent home and put onto our website to show what we are doing to try to improve the attendance and punctuality across school and what the prize will be for the punctuality points award!
For more information about attendance and punctuality at Nine Acres, please see more of our website or come in and chat to Mrs Broome or Mrs Hussey.