Pupil Leadership Team

Meet our Pupil Leadership
Team 2020-21!!!
  • Mr Archie Isaacson

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Archie and I represent Kendal class. I want to make sure we raise money for the school this year. I also have the responsibility to take minutes at out Pupil leadership meetings.

  • Mr Matthew Browning

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Matthew and I represent Arundel class. I want to help with keeping the school safe.

  • Miss Brooke Brodie

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Brooke and I represent Warwick class. I want to raise money for some new playground equipment to help children to play together.

  • Miss Phoebe Schooling

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Phoebe and I represent Balmoral class. I want to make sure all children can play happily together.

  • Mr Oliver Killingback

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Oliver and I represent Windsor class. I want to work with the other Pupil Leaders to make the school even better and listen to all of my class mates to see what their views are too.

  • Miss Alisha Hopkins

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Alisha and I also represent Edinburgh class. I want to make sure that we raise money for new playground equipment this year. I have lots of ideas for fundraising!

  • Miss Tamika Case

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Tamika and I represent York class. I am really pleased to represent the school and will make sure that i talk to lots of children to see how they think we can make our school even better.

  • Miss Ellie Gregory

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Ellie and I represent Stirling class. I think the school is already great but i want to work with the other Pupil Leaders to raise money for some new resources.

  • Mr Devlin Paul

    Pupil Leader

    My name is Devlin and I represent Bamburgh class. I want to make sure all children and safe and happy in school.

Our Pupil Leaders drive pupil voice throughout our school!


Here at nine acres, we want all children to be able to positively influence the world around them and be persuasive enough to do so! By having a pupil leadership team that actively promotes pupil voice across the school, each and everyone of our pupils feel valued and listened to, which means that they feel confident to articulate their views and opinions to change the world around them and their future. 

Our Nine Acres Pupil leadership team have a very important and active role within the school. Each classes pupil leader holds a fortnightly class meeting, where they lead a class discussion and question session. Every class has the same question that they need to discuss and vote on and pupil leaders use an online log to record everyone's answers.

The whole pupil leadership team then meet once every half term (socially distanced in the hall) to discuss the findings of these questions sessions. This then allows the team to decide on next steps for the school and actions to include in the pupil leadership action plan. 

You will be able to spot our leaders as they wear badges to show they are part of the team! Please feel free to ask any of them how they operate as a team and what they are working on for all of our pupils in order to change, improve or celebrate here at Nine Acres! You will be able to feel their passion for our school when you talk to them!

All children have the chance to become part of our school leadership team and take part in our democratic style of leadership. Every September, any children wishing to become part of the pupil leadership team can write a letter to the head teacher and the existing team and a meeting will be held to discuss this. Children will then be interviewed and asked how they could contribute to the life of the school. A vote is then held and if a child is successful, they will be offered a place in the next meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities of our Pupil Leadership Team:

  • To act as an ambassador for the school both in and out. Our Pupil Leaders encourage all children within Nine Acres Primary to develop passion and spirit in the school and within our respective sporting teams.
  • To represent pupil voice. We have pupil leaders for every class, from Year One right through to Year Six.
  • To work alongside the Senior Leadership Team to help shape our school as we continue to Strive for Excellence. They help the governors to make decisions on behalf of the pupils and meet regularly to feedback to the senior leadership team and governors about key decisions.
  • To plan, organise and promote fundraising events.
  • To work with the local and wider community
  • To discuss attendance and lateness with pupils.
  • To promote safety in school.
  • To promote school values and British values in all activities across the school.
  • To be a model of good leadership and positive sporting behaviour to the whole school community.