Online Safety

Why teaching your children about staying safe online matters.

From learning in class to playing games at home, children are doing more on the internet than ever before - and it's a wonderful place.

However, just as in 'real life', it's important to make sure your child is staying safe online. 

We know how demanding it can be to find the time when you're a busy parent, and also just how daunting it can be to try and work out if the information you've found online is up-to-date. 
That's why we were so pleased when Internet Matters launched earlier this year. is a portal dedicated to making sure all parents are only a click away from advice, tips and support about online safety for children.
The information is divided into age-appropriate sections to help you talk to your child about the issues and
technologies they'll come across as they grow up online.
From setting your parental controls to teaching your child how to be a good friend online, you'll find a wealth of information so that you can spend less time researching and more time having fun with your family.

Please use the links below to help you when discussing E-safety with your children and to gain a clearer perspective
of what it is like for our children living in a rich technology driven world!